30 August 2012

Finalized Achievement Feed for Blogger

Well... the brains at Google are reviewing my work to ensure it's acceptable, but I've submitted the achievement feed you can see off to the right over to Blogger for actual inclusion in the Blogger Gadgets.

In the meantime (or assuming it's rejected for some reason), you may add this by performing the following steps.

  1. Copy this source code (hosted on as wow-blogger-achv):
  2. Open up your Blogger blog in Layout mode, and click Add Gadget in the section you want the achievement feed to display.
  3. Click "Add your own" and paste in the source above.
  4. Paste in URL

  5. Enter the configuration parameters.
  6. Enter your choices
    1. The Character information (region, server, character name)
    2. The formatting information (to keep styling consistent with your view).  The default styling is populated, but these are CSS style entries (Hex Colors, font-family, etc).
    3. If you do not want to show the full character name, un-check the Show Character option.
    4. If you do not want to show icons in the list, choose the 0px icon size.
If you experience any issues, hit me up here or on Twitter!



  1. Chris I put it up but it isn't showing much - am I doing something wrong? (it's at the bottom of my right column)

  2. Grand fun!! Thank you so much! Now, can you do one that puts gold in our vaults?! Thanks, Chris! This is very cool!

    1. I'm chuffed you can use!

      Now, let me work on that gold one. May need to roll a Goblin though. They've got the magic touch with gold.

  3. Just wish there was a way to do this one wordpress as easily! Nicely done!