01 September 2012

The Grown-Up Grows Up

I was listening to The Twisted Nether Blogcast (podcasts are the perfect companion to mowing the lawn, don't ya know). I'm wrapping up the back yard and come to the section where the newly announced blogs from Blog Azeroth were announced. Hey!  They announced me! Yay!

And then, they said something that impacted me.
Fimlys: That is the longest URL ever!
Hydra: At least he knew it wouldn't be taken!

Hey! That's me you're busting on, folks! As I thought about it, I realized something.  They're right.

What am I going to do about it?

Enter GoDaddy and a new shiny

For those of you awesome people that are receiving an RSS feed (trust me, it's a very heady feeling to see in Feedburner that people have actually asked to receive my feed and thereby read my stuff), it should automatically redirect.  If not, I'd dearly love to hear about so I can rectify.

For the Bloggers that have done me the honor of including me in your blogrolls (just as heady an honor because it's an implied recommendation!)  I'd be obliged if you would point my entry to the new .com domain.



  1. *grumbles*
    Now I will have to update all my links. Your name was fine as it was.

  2. just a quick fyi. when you click on the link it takes you to: ""

    Yeah, that extra "." at the end throws things off. Your loyal readers will have to erase it from their address bar after they get to the "server does not exist" screen.


    1. Ugh! thank you for catching that. Note to self: always proofread links going forward.

  3. Hey Chris - I noticed your funny face wasn't on my blog, so I thought I'd go investigate - happy to see new shiny URL, and will remedy on the blogroll post haste. I also want to give your achievement feed a whirl; it's a full-time job keeping away from luddite status!

    1. Blogger and GoDaddy make it pretty easy to swap, but I was having an issue with blogroll. My blogroll is an import from Google Reader; I couldnt add blogs on the redirected site b/c a copy of the the blogroll still existed on the blogspot site. So I had to un-redirect (how's that for a word?), delete the older blogroll, then re-redirect (there I go again) the the GoDaddy URL, and then I could add in the blogroll. But followers are still weird so I'm subscribing to RSS feeds instead! Always nice to see ya!

  4. Amusingly I just added you to my blogroll last week-- I picked a good time to start reading apparently! ;) Heh. Thankfully this post popped up in the feed, so it was an easy fix! *pats her wordpress plugin fondly*

    1. why thank you! I like blogger, but sometimes I get WP envy. Cheers!