11 September 2012

Blog Fiddling

Hello maintenance day...

Since I'm not going to be logging into the game anytime soon, I spent some time fiddling with the Blog itself.

Character Roster (Alter-Egos Page)

As a side-effect of the Achievement Feed, I've been messing around with displaying my character information on the blog as retrieved from BattleNet.  I like the idea of showing a 'current' view -- at least as current as the last time I logged out on that character. (Note to self, add a timestamp).
Check out the page - it currently shows the equipped items and talents / glyphs.  It's a work in progress, but it's definitely an enjoyable work.

New Comment System (DISQUS)

I wanted to add a bit more interactivity to the comments. I adore those of you leaving comments -- it's such a concrete reinforcement that people are not only reading the drivel I'm writing, but in some fashion that drivel impacts them enough to actually reply to me!  I'm reminded of school crushes: I'd "like" somebody and then I'd be flabbergasted when they actually responded to me. It was giddy then, and it's giddy now.
I wanted to highlight that a bit and give it some pizazz; if there are any issues, please hit me up via Twitter (since if there are issues you won't be able to comment, will ya?)


  1. Hmm this comment thing is different! Ugh, I hate how google uses my REAL NAME when I comment. Oh well, using twitter to comment then!
    I am actually just leaving a comment so I can be "adored" because I know that feeling of OMG SOMEONE LIKES (reading) ME! But it might not be that exciting - I comment here a lot anyway, so hopefully you'll just settle into the "oh, it's just Navi" and we can chat like old blog friends :)

  2. Don't be silly. We ARE "old blog friends" (at least in my brain). That doesn't mean that you're not still adored! I'm proudly displaying my NaviSpam badge!

    One of the things I like about Disqus is that it can use Twitter, or Google+ or Facebook or OpenID.... I get frustrated having to have a Wordpress account and a Blogger account and a standalone account to comment when I'm checking out my evergrowing blogroll, so I'm looking to not add to the confusion. Hopefully, it works.

  3. That is fabulous! I'm in awe of you types who can do this work!

  4. Thanks so much for the feedback! When it's all said and done, I'm happy to share. All the code (except for the wowhead tool tips) is embedded into a web page; not sure on technical limitations with wordpress vs hosted wordpress, but I'd expect something similar would work.
    I'm rambling. Thanks so much for stopping by! Been a fan of YYIYTI for a while now! Yes, Navi, this is me "squeeing".