WAFB in Action
Simply stated, WAFB (WoW Achievement Feed for Blogger) will allow Blogger sites to display recent achievements earned by a character in the World of Warcraft.


What does this actually do?  Well, you plug in a few parameters about the character you want to show and the gadget retrieves that data from Blizzard's Community APIs -- or in English it looks up your recent achievements from the World of Warcraft website.

Each achievement may then be clicked on to display the extended description, criteria and completed date. Note, I did originally attempt using external tooltips (like Wowhead and WowDB), but the scripts kept shifting off the frame causing ugly formatting so they got canned.

Open Source

The project source code is hosted on Github. The best way to stay updated on new releases pending Google's (eventual) acceptance of this as an actual gadget is to subscribe to the feed in Github.

Installation Instructions

Looking to install this on your Blogger blog?  Fantastic!  Here's what you need to do:

  1. Copy the URL for the hosted XML (CTRL-C or CMD-C):
  2. Open your Blogger blog in Layout mode.
  3. Add a Gadget to the sidebar.
  4. Click the "Add your own" option at the bottom of the left hand menu.
  5. Paste in (CTRL-V or CMD-V) the copied URL from step 1 and click the Add by URL link.
  6. Configure your options.
Blogger Configuration

First and foremost, enter in your character information. Until I figure out how to lookup a drop down in the configuration, you'll need to type in your realm name. Substitute a dash for spaces in realms as needed (for example, "Borean Tundra" becomes "borean-tundra"). If you'd rather keep your character anonymous, you may only choose to display the first initial of their name by checking the Show Character option.
The remaining options are styles to help the gadget flow with your blog layout. You may override the font, colors, sizes with any standard CSS method. So if you don't wish to display in Arial, change the font family option to Verdana or whatever other font you desire. In my configuration, I'm using the named font "PT Sans Narrow".
Colors will support Hex codes ("#FFFFFF"), text ("white") or RGB ("rgb(255,255,255)"), so you have the option to integrate the look and feel into your site.

Any questions or issues? Let me know! Thanks!

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