02 July 2013

Curtain Call

It has happened to me. I always knew in the back of my mind there was a chance, but I couldn't imagine why or how it could happen. But it did.

What, you may wonder?

Looking at my Mac's dock and eyeballing that little W icon that launches WoW and just not feeling the slightest desire to login and do anything. I've lost any desire to play World of Warcraft. My subscription, that has been almost 7 years running, will not be renewed when it expires.

This blog started for me to outlet my game playing experiences. Now that I'm not playing, there isn't anything to say -- other than a huge thank you to the readers and 'celebrity' bloggers that were so very encouraging to me as I was starting this site.  Every comment was deeply appreciated - you each touched my life and I'm grateful.

Anyone that's still using the Blogger Gadgets for achievements or pet battle teams, I won't be actively maintaining them but in the event something breaks feel free to ping me on Twitter as @oneCof5. I'm not overly active on Twitter, but send me a DM and I'll get it.


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  1. disqus_u5aXIqsYtH02 July, 2013 22:33

    I will miss your insight and voice tremendously, but applaud this choice. Please keep in touch and check in with my ramblings from time to time if you can.