17 September 2012

Rolling Restarts...

OK guys... I understand you're making some really cool changes that I'm going to immensely enjoy with the deployment of Mists. And with that comes upgrades. Despite understanding that, it's not a maintenance day. I'm not expecting down time -- even for a software restart.

This is truly all about me, though. I had 20 minutes to kill between conference calls. As @Ghostcrawler has mentioned, one meeting ends early, and another is planned. I don't have enough time to really start anything, so I may as well do something.  But where Greg answers Tweets, I'll try to dig up some artifacts with the amazing changes to Archaeology.

And then I get....

Thanks for playing! Please try again, later.
Ugh.  No digging for me! I guess I really have to work, then. Bummer.

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