09 August 2012

Life Lessons from Questing

Mor'norokk speaks Truth

Rule to Live By

Stop it, you tiny angry woman! I'll tell you everything! What do you want to know?
Enough said. Following this truth makes my life much simpler. I have to believe I'm at least as smart as an ogre, right!


  1. I love that "tiny angry woman" who lives in all women! Yes, be smarter than an ogre, or at least that's what I tell cross-dressing rogue!

    1. I should have probably 'splained this one a bit more. I have three 'tiny angry women' in my house. I joke with my wife about this -- a fundamental gender difference in my house is the level of details. For example, I'll attend a meeting on a kid activity. I'll get home and tell my wife "We need to drop him off at 6 and him up at 8:30". That's not enough detail. She starts grilling me: "Who's gonna be there"" "What are they going to do?" "Does he need to bring anything?". And if I dont answer, I get the LOOK. That's the point where I hear in my head "stop it you tiny angry woman, I'll tell you anything." =)

      Very chuffed to see you commenting! Thanks for the feedback!