27 August 2012

Achivement Feed Gadget

I'm looking for some volunteers...

I have written an achievement feed in Google for use within the Blogger platform, and it works for me, but I'd love some feedback from others before posting it all official-like.

If you care to help out...

First, /hug. You are awesomer than awesome.

Second, please edit your blogger design and add a gadget to any sidebar / section area. So far, with me?   This is just like adding a regular gadget.

Here's where its different: Click the "Add Your Own" option.  I promise, there is no malicious code here. Nothing's gonna break your blog!

Copy this hosted XML (Go go google gadgets!): 

Paste that into the box and click Add By URL.

There are fields you need to complete -- character name, geographic realm (I've only tried with US, so any EU players feedback would be simply fantastic) as well as some formatting so that it looks consistent with your overall theme.

Any issues?  Let me have 'em in the comments.

You guys rock!


  1. HOw is it different from the other one?

  2. OK how do I fix this width? The first one you made sits nicer in my sidebar

  3. Is a "widget" and a "gadget" the same thing?


  4. Thank you guys! Feedback found some issues and am working on fixing them. And Z -- as far as I know a widget and a gadget are the same thing.

    Now... to figure out google code. I seem to have crashed it with too many server lookups and gotten myself temporarily banned. Wow!

  5. Once you are unbanned, gimme a shout and I'll be happy to replace my old code :D