05 August 2012

If my hunter lived here...

A few months back, I caved into frivolous spending desires and purchased a Mekgineer's Chopper for my hunter. I've already purchased or won over 108 mounts for him, but I had been having a pretty good run on the Auction House and Blizzard announced that mounts would be consolidated across servers. I immediately figured out how to rationalize such a large out of pocket expense. Spending 14,000 even in pixelated gold gives me pause. However, across 10 characters, the expense becomes only 1,400 gold per character. With Mists, I'll add an 11th so it drops to 1,273g per character. I was convinced, and it's been great fun tooling around.

What If?

But, a curious question has popped into my brain. What if somehow the situation were reversed? What if my hunter actually logged into RL? The mounts in my RL life are far from sexy; you have your choice of a ten year old Honda Accord or a Honda Odyssey.

No way would "P" mount up on a minivan, even if it does have a movie player. Nah! So not his style. He's a Hunter! A stalker! Something much more rugged and sporty.  He's also been around the block a few times, so there's no need to be flashy. Hmmm...

I've got it! Without a doubt, he would would get himself a Ford F150 4x4 complete with a camouflage paint job. And a gun / crossbow / bow rack for the back window.

Can you picture a worgen and a wolf tooling around in this?
I can totally picture a Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Rifle hanging on a roof rack and a Wolf or a Bear sitting in the passenger seat with their tongue lolling about as they cruise down the road listening to ZZ Top!

Now I'm wondering what my other toons would drive?

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