23 October 2012

WAFB Update

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As is the case, the more you muck about with something, the more comfortable you feel.  I've updated the WAFB gadget to include localization on the US and EU servers.  If anyone is actually reading this on the Korea (KR), Taiwan (TW) or China (CN) servers, I'd love feedback if you can actually use this or not. I simply have no means of testing on those servers.

The WAFB page has been updated with the new configuration instructions.  Thanks so much for all of the feedback!


  1. Denis Moskalenko13 May, 2013 07:13


    I've just tried to use your WAFB gadget on my blogspot page but I can't see the achievements.

    As I understand the reason is cyrillic encoding issue - my character is on Russian realm in EU region.
    Hence I have to use cyrillic to type my character name - Мортаделла@Дракономор

    Armory link:Мортаделла/simple

    You seem like a friendly person so I decided to ask is it possible to get this fixed in the future?

    I'm not a programmer in any sense but maybe this link somehow related to the issue - ?

  2. please try it again. I found an issue where i was 'escaping' characters in the input when caused the Cyrillic to get passed as gibberish. I believe I've got that corrected now.

    I was able to show achievements using the character name of Мортаделла on the realm named fordragon using the EU region with the Russian locale value. Hopefully you will get the same results!

    Appreciate any additional feedback!

  3. Denis Moskalenko13 May, 2013 18:27

    Yes, it's working now, thank you for the help.
    I totally did not expect you could do it THAT quick :)

    Thank you very much.