21 July 2012

Things that make you go Hmmmm

If one decides to play a Tauren, then you may choose from the following class choices:  Druid, Hunter, Shaman, Warrior, Death Knight, Paladin, and Priest.
I get the Warrior, DK and Pally; Taurens are big honkin' things and they racial War Stomp, so it makes sense for them to tank. An angry bull seems more aggressive than say, a pretty Blood Elf in shiny armor.  But now we're just feeding stereotypes.
I also get the Druid and Shammy because of the spiritual natural vibe that Thunder Bluff gives off.  The Tauren have strong Native American overtones and are very in touch with nature, so Druids are a given. There are totems all over Mulgore, so why not extend that to Shaman? I suppose I can even tolerate the Hunter, but it's a stretch. Hunter's are more agile, but I guess you can get away with standing in place and blasting away.
But a Priest? Please! All I can picture is a cow in a robe. Besides, priests are restricted to cloth armor. As a Tauren, aren't you already sporting leather with just your skin? Just wondering....
Any serious cow priests (by serious I mean other than those that are simply leveling to 85 for the guild achievement Classy Tauren)? Why?


  1. Totally agree. If there are multiple Horde healers around in pvp, I always go for the Tauren Priests first. They just look wrong in my eyes.

    Although I do have a lev 9 one of my own called Milkflay :D

    1. I am wondering why this cow priest hate...

  2. Milkflay! Awesome!
    I suppose I can't throw stones here, because I'm currently leveling a mage for our guilds Stay Classy. A mage. Night Elves aren't mages. They're hunters and druids. And Warriors and Rogues. They aren't mages! So I'm playing the odd class out amongst the race... But without that achievement carrot dangling in front of me, there's no way I'd ever roll a night elf mage.

    Thanks for dropping by!